It’s an amazing life isn’t it?

Please let me introduce you to Lauren

Just like you, Lauren dreamed of being cabin crew.

She longed to walk through the airport, head held high, knowing others were looking on and wishing they could be her. She had many, many destinations she dreamed of visiting- New York, Sydney, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong- she could go on and on.


And imagine getting the opportunity to relax on the sun-kissed beaches of the Maldives or the Seychelles.


Lauren followed many current cabin crew on Instagram and she knew this was the job for her. But, how could she get this job?


Well, first up, Lauren tried out for Emirates…


Well, Lauren realised they were holding an open day in a city near her and decided to attend

Oh no, she hadn’t expected questions!


She quickly mumbled something about them being a brilliant airline. The woman thanked her and asked her to take a seat. They would post up results within the next hour, so Lauren would know if she had made it to the assessment day or not.

The results were posted up and Lauren approached the notice-board with trepidation.


 Had Lauren been invited to an assessment day?


She looked in vain for her name, but it wasn’t there. She had failed to make it to the assessment day.

So, that was it- her open day was over and with a heavy heart, Lauren travelled back to her home town, determined to do better next time.

So, it wasn’t to be for Lauren and Emirates. So, she decided to apply to Virgin Atlantic. She made it through the online application process but blew it at the video interview. Wow, it was so much harder than she thought it would be!

Lauren had heard from others that it was really difficult to get a job as cabin crew and she was starting to see what they meant!

Next up Lauren applied for Easyjet. By oh my goodness- the tests! She hadn’t expected those! I mean, what even is a situational judgement questionnaire? And how are you supposed to answer these verbal reasoning and work-related behaviour tests?


So, it was another no for Lauren.


She was starting to get a little dejected, so she decided to apply for a seasonal position with Surely that would be an easier process?

Well, no!

Their application included an English and Maths test. And Maths was never Lauren’s strong point!

So, yet another rejection for Lauren! Things weren’t going well, were they?

She then decided to attend an open day Qatar were holding at a city not too far away. So, she headed off with her CV and photos and guess what?

Yep, it was another rejection!


So, what went wrong for Lauren?

That’s the thing about wanting to become cabin crew…


So many others want to be one too!


Competition to be cabin crew is fierce! In fact, 90% of applicants will be unsuccessful!

Yep, you read that right.

For every hundred applicants, 10 will be successful.

Woah- that is terrible odds isn’t it?

It sure is!

When Emirates re-opened for recruitment for example, they were getting 30,000 online applications a month!

Things have calmed down a bit since then, but they still regularly have 15,000 people attending their open days each month!

The number of applicants to all airlines always outstrips the number of jobs on offer.

So, you need to be able to stand-out from the crowd.

Now, you might think this is impossible.

After all, the odds are hardly in your favour.

But here’s the thing


It’s NOT impossible and here at Mondrago, we know what will make a candidate successful.

So, what could Lauren have done differently?


 First up, Lauren should have spent considerable time learning exactly what each airline was looking for in their cabin crew. And, believe it or not, this information is freely available on the web!


✓ Once Lauren knew what each airline was looking for, Lauren should have matched her own skills to those the airline was looking for.  She could then use these skills to re-write her CV, focussing solely on the skills the airline wanted, and take out all the other stuff that is of no interest to them.


✓ Lauren should have prepared answers to the most commonly asked questions at the open day using the SAR technique. This would have made her much more confident on her open day. This would also have helped her if she had made it to a final interview.


✓ Lauren should have practised before every application. If she wasn’t good at Maths, she should have been working on improving her Maths. If she knew there was a situational judgement questionnaire, she should have learned what this involved and tried one out beforehand.


✓ Lauren should have learned everything there was to know about the airline she was applying to. So, when asked, for example, about why she wanted to work with Emirates she could have mentioned their in-flight service, the awards they have won or their route network. Anything would have been better than her mumbling about being a “brilliant” airline!

So, Lauren knew she had to do better next time but what should she do?


Like many others in the same situation, Lauren turned to Google for help! She joined a few Facebook groups but quickly realised they were full of people like herself searching for advice. The problem was, even though others were trying to be helpful, they simply didn’t know enough to be able to help. Just the other day she’d read a post from someone asking for some advice on their Emirates open day. They were advised to talk to the recruiter as if they were talking to their lover!


Feeling totally confused (and slightly creeped out), Lauren headed back to Google, this time looking for a cabin crew recruitment expert.


Did Lauren find a cabin crew recruitment expert?


She absolutely did! She came across Pauline Park and was impressed at her credentials. As well as having worked in the aviation industry, Pauline had a master’s degree in Tourism Studies and was a fully-qualified teacher. She has been teaching aviation and recruitment for over 20 years.


Pauline Park, Co- Founder & Director Mondrago My Travel Teacher


The more Pauline learned about travel recruitment, the more interested she became, and this quickly became her passion! In fact, over the years she has helped 1000s of her students gain employment in the travel industry.


As the online world (and her reputation!) grew she was constantly being asked to help people with cabin crew recruitment. And, no wonder as this stuff is hard!


So, she set out to apply for every cabin crew job she sees (and she still does!). Pauline would be proud to tell you that she has a 100% success rate in being invited to assessment days, but then she should be good at this stuff- it's her job!


So, to help those who would love to be cabin crew, she put together an incredible course which covered absolutely EVERYTHING she knows about cabin crew recruitment- and it's a LOT!

10 Steps to Cabin Crew Success


Yep, Pauline’s course does what it says in the title ! It takes you through the 10 steps you need to follow to achieve your cabin crew dreams.


As you know, Pauline is somewhat obsessed with cabin crew recruitment. So, for her to fully understand what’s involved in the process, she applied and has now been all the way through the recruitment process of many different airlines.


And is now prepared to show you behind the curtains to reveal what’s involved in the whole process!


So, what’s included in 10 steps to Cabin Crew Success?


Well, to be honest, it’s everything you need to become cabin crew with your dream airline.


However, if you want a bit more detail, then play the video below:


Let's go through the 10 steps to landing your dream job

Step 1 - finding out how (and where!) airlines recruit

Step 2 - recruiters love to Google to find out all about you! They will check your social media profiles, so we’ll show you what they hate to see, as well as what impresses them- so it’s a win-win situation!

Step 3 - ALL airlines want to see your CV and many like a covering letter as well! Add to this, more and more airlines are using Automated Tracking Systems, which are computer programs that are trained to “read” CV’s! Worry not, as we have courses covering all of the above, so you can be sure to get your application to the top of the pile!

Step 4 - more and more airlines are introducing testing as part of their application process. And no wonder as it helps them identify the best candidates. But guess what? We’ve done all these tests- from situational judgement, to screening questions, to verbal reasoning tests and psychometric tests. We are experts in them all! Even better, we’ll turn you into an expert as well!

Step 5 - another new kid on the block of cabin crew recruitment- video interview! No worries though as we have a course that covers everything. AND, you can watch two video interviews take place! Olivia will show you how it’s done and as for Graeme? Well, he’ll show you what NOT to do!

Step 6 - Preparing for your assessment day! Again, you get to watch Olivia preparing for her assessment day with the advice of Kirsty, her cabin crew friend. Check out some of the outfits Olivia is considering and see why Kirsty tells her why they’re not a good idea!

Step 7 - now it’s time for a cabin crew assessment day. Now you get to follow Olivia as she takes part in her cabin crew assessment day. You get to watch EXACTLY what goes on during each group activity and see the candidates in action! Will your favourites get through?

Step 8 - oh here’s where it gets exciting! We take you behind the curtains to reveal what recruiters are talking about when deciding who to take forward and who to reject from the assessment day. It’s enthralling stuff and you really don’t want to miss it!

Step 9 - there are only a few candidates left and it’s time for their all-important final interview. What will they be asked? And, more importantly, what will they answer? It’s time to tune in and find out!

Step 10 - So, you’ve been successful at your final interview- hooray! So, what’s next for you?



Believe it or not, there are over 30 courses available to you in our 10 steps to cabin crew success program.


Click here to view the course library 


See what some of our students (and cabin crew!) have to say:

  • Katherine McComskie
    I applied for so many cabin crew jobs. Sometimes I got to the assessment day- but most times I didn’t! It’s so frustrating as you just don’t know what you’re doing wrong, so you seem doomed to keep making the same mistakes over and over again! I bought a cabin crew course, but it was rubbish. It taught me all about the different coloured call bells and how the interphone works, but there was nothing about the recruitment process and how that all worked. I found 10 steps to cabin crew success after a google search and it was exactly what I was looking for. What sold it to me was the fact that Pauline had applied to all the airlines I was interested in and had been successful. Even better, she was prepared to share the secret of her success with me! I loved the course, as most of it was video-based, so I could watch it on the train during my very long (and boring commutes!). Not any longer though, as I am now long-haul cabin crew for Virgin! Thanks Pauline- couldn’t have done it without your amazing course!
    Katherine McComskie
  • Hannah Findlay
    For me the big sticking point were all of the tests that airlines did. Man, if it wasn’t a situational judgement questionnaire, it was a psychometric test or a numeracy test or an English test. And I wasn’t good at these tests! That’s why I loved 10 steps to cabin crew success. As not only did it give you an opportunity to do these tests, it also showed you HOW to do them. So, when I applied to British Airways, I aced their online application and am now mixed fleet cabin crew. Thank you for creating such a practical course.
    Hannah Findlay

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This could be you

  • Leonnie Michie
    I had heard from several sources that airline recruiters were checking out people’s social media profiles, so I wanted to make sure mine were looking good! But where to start? Well, 10 steps to cabin crew success gave me all the answers I was looking for. First up, there was a course on what airline recruiters HATE to see on your profile. What I found so interesting was WHY they didn’t want to see these things. Thankfully, I didn’t commit any of these seven deadly sins on my facebook page! I also found out what recruiters love to see, so I spruced up my profile to make sure I impressed. I also learned how to create a LinkedIn profile from scratch. This has helped me display my passion for aviation, through the groups I belong to and the companies I follow. I hope airline recruiters do check me out online now- they’re sure to be impressed lol!
    Leonnie Michie
  • Jayne Fraser
    For me the thing I loved most was the fact that I could watch loads of videos. So, whilst lying on my bed with my laptop, I was able to learn! I love the videos as it really lets you see what happens during an assessment day. I particularly found the videos of the final interview really useful as you can see what happens when you don’t use SAR to answer the questions! Luckily for me I did, so I avoided a Dave style grilling lol! And I am sure these answers went a long way to helping me in my Emirates final interview! Well, they must have done as I am now flying high out here in Dubai and loving it! So, if you want to be cabin crew (and you love watching videos!) then 10 steps to cabin crew success is for you!
    Jayne Fraser
  • Sorasit Costa
    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! Gave me such amazing knowledge- from the start of the process right to the very end! If you want to wear the same uniform as me, then buy it!
    Sorasit Costa
  • Rita Suprapoch
    From being in Pauline’s amazing free facebook group, the departure lounge, I knew how hard it was to become cabin crew. And, I knew the reason a lot of the group have been successful is that they used Pauline’s 10 steps to cabin crew success. So, I gave it a try as well! Glad I did as I learned so much, and now I have my wings. Thank you Pauline for creating such a useful course
    Rita Suprapoch
  • Hin Yxn
    English isn’t my first language, so I found the guide to the English exam so useful. It gave me a lot of example questions which allowed me to practice over and over again. I knew what to expect at my interview and I was successful! Thank you Pauline
    Hin Yxn

Still not sure that 10 Steps to Cabin Crew Success is for you?


We get it! After all, you’ve never met us before and here we are asking for your money and our offer could be rubbish!


Remember you are fully protected by our money back guarantee


But we think it offers incredible value for money.

It never fails to amaze us, some of the crazy things people spend their money on to become cabin crew.

In fact, a girl called Paola contacted Pauline for some help a few months ago. She was desperate to become cabin crew with Emirates and flew all the way from Buenos Aires in Argentina, to Madrid in Spain (yes, you did read that right!) to attend an open day.

She really hoped that the recruiters would be so impressed that she had flown over 6,000 miles to attend. They weren’t, and Luisa was on her way back to Buenos Aires with nothing to show for it (well, except for a very large credit card bill ☹)  


What else do people waste money on when applying to become cabin crew? 



- Shoes! A day doesn’t go past when someone posts in the Departure Lounge asking what height of shoes you should wear or how pointy the toes should be!

- Lipstick! Oh my goodness, how many emails do we receive here at Mondrago, asking what colour lipstick they should be wearing on their open day?

- Professional photos. Wow, these cost a lot of money and you don’t need to get them done professionally. You can simply stand in front of a plain wall and save yourself loads of cash!

- Travelling to and from various airline open days. Most people travel (often great distances) to get to an open day and this doesn’t come cheap.

In fact, we did a survey a while back in the Departure Lounge, our free Facebook group, and asked people how much people spent preparing for and attending an Emirates open day.

The average amount spent was a staggering $300!

And, of the 100 people surveyed, only 9 had made it to an assessment day!

So, that’s a lot of wasted cash!


What would you be better spending your money on?


Well, at the risk of sounding obvious, we are going to say 10 Steps to Cabin Crew Success


It’s only $99 and you get a lot of bang for your buck!


Why do we think it’s well worth the money?

♥ Pauline has been teaching recruitment for over 20 years, so really does know her stuff. She has been invited to an assessment day for EVERY SINGLE cabin crew job she has ever applied for.

♥ Pauline has gone through many airlines’ recruitment process successfully. So, she knows what the recruiters are looking for and she’s willing to share it with you.

♥ Her success rate in applying for cabin crew jobs is 100%

She has been invited to assessment days with ALL the airlines below. So, if you dream of flying with one of them, Pauline has been through their recruitment process SUCCESSFULLY and is willing to share all her secrets with you.


airline logos



Get Instant Access To 10 Steps to Cabin Crew Success for only $99



Buy Now for only $99


Remember, getting a job as cabin crew is incredibly difficult.


90% of all of those applying will be unsuccessful.

It’s a really tough process and the more prepared you are, the better.

We’ve done all the hard work for you, so why not make an investment in your future?

We GUARANTEE it will be a whole lot more successful than a new red lipstick!

So, come on, what are you waiting for?

Don’t you want to be in the 10% of applicants who are successful?

Of course you do!

And you KNOW 10 steps to cabin crew success is the way to do it!


Wondering what happened to Lauren? Well, wonder no more as she’s currently out in Dubai undertaking her training…


  • Euan Garden
    I was a bit worried about buying 10 steps to cabin crew success. I’d been a member of Pauline’s Departure Lounge for a while and I knew how helpful she was, but I was still pretty nervous typing in my credit card number. I needn’t have been! 10 steps to cabin crew success was so much more than I’d imagined! The whole process is a bit overwhelming at first, just how much you need to know, but if you take it step-by-step then you’ll be fine. Well, that’s what I did and here I am out in Dubai, having just graduated. And I thought the recruitment process was difficult lol
    Euan Garden