It’s an amazing life isn’t it?

Please let me introduce you to Cameron

Just like you, Cameron dreamed of being cabin crew

She longed to walk through the airport, head held high, knowing others were looking on and wishing they could be her. She had many, many destinations she dreamed of visiting- New York, Sydney, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong- she could go on and on. And imagine getting the opportunity to relax on the sun-kissed beaches of the Maldives or the Seychelles! Cameron followed many current cabin crew on Instagram and she knew this was the job for her. But, how could she get this job?

She has now attended three Emirates open days and keeps being rejected.


She has now attended three Emirates open days and keeps being rejected.

She waits in line, dressed to impressed and always hands her CV over with a very big smile.
Yet, time and time again, her name never appears on the list of candidates being invited to an assessment day.


What is Cameron doing wrong?


Chances are the problems lie with her CV and these are the most common mistakes candidates make

That’s the thing about wanting to become cabin crew…


Competition to be cabin crew is fierce!


In fact, 97% of applicants will be unsuccessful! Yep, you read that right. For every hundred applicants, 3 will be successful.

Woah- that is terrible odds isn’t it?

It sure is!

So, you need to be able to stand-out from the crowd. Now, you might think this is impossible. After all, the odds are hardly in your favour.

But here’s the thing

It’s NOT impossible if you have help on your side.

So, what could Cameron have done differently?


✓She could have got all the good stuff right up the top of her CV to make sure the recruiter wanted to keep reading


✓ She could have made sure that she had matched her skills to what the airline was looking for


✓ She could have made sure that there was nothing irrelevant on her CV and if there was, to remove it


✓ She should have used her CV to tell her story

So, Cameron knew she had to do something different next time.


Like many others in the same situation, Cameron turned to Google for help! She joined a few Facebook groups but quickly realised they were full of people like herself searching for advice. The problem was, even though others were trying to be helpful, they simply didn’t know enough to be able to help.


And everyone contradicted everyone else!



Feeling totally confused, Cameron headed back to Google, this time looking for a cabin crew recruitment expert.

Did Cara find a cabin crew recruitment expert?


She absolutely did! She came across Pauline Park and was impressed at her credentials. As well as having worked in the aviation industry, Pauline had a master’s degree in Tourism Studies and was a fully-qualified teacher. She has been teaching aviation and recruitment for over 20 years.



The more Pauline learned about travel recruitment, the more interested she became, and this quickly became her passion! In fact, over the years she has helped 1000s of her students gain employment in the travel industry.

As the online world (and her reputation!) grew she was constantly being asked to help people with cabin crew recruitment. And, no wonder as this stuff is hard!

So, she set out to apply for every cabin crew job she sees (and she still does!). Pauline would be proud to tell you that she has a 100% success rate in being invited to assessment days, but then she should be good at this stuff- it's her job!

Pauline has put together a CV Success program, where she takes a candidate’s CV for them and completely re-writes it, SPECIFICALLY for the airline they wish to apply to.

Cameron was so impressed, particularly when she realised Pauline had been 100% successful in applying for cabin crew jobs.

She obviously really knew her stuff.

So, she signed up for Pauline’s CV Review.

So, let’s hear from Pauline…



The first thing I did was have a look at Cameron’s CV and, I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t great!

I see this ALL THE TIME!

People have really useful and relevant skills which are perfect for the role of cabin crew, but you have to look really, really hard to get to these skills!

Now, an airline recruiter will be looking at literally hundreds of CV's every single day, so you know they won't spend long looking at your CV. You'll be lucky if they spend 10 seconds looking at it!

Another thing I noticed is how much Cameron down-played herself on her CV.

Remember, your CV is a sales document and the thing you are selling is yourself, so now is not a time to play down your strengths!

You may not feel particularly comfortable in selling yourself like this, but remember that competition is FIERCE and everyone else will be doing their best to shout: “pick me, pick me!”, so you need to get in on the act as well.

I check over 100 CVs EVERY DAY and I can honestly say, hand on heart, that most of the people sending me their CVs DO HAVE THE SKILLS to become CABIN CREW

However, I can also honestly say that less than 3% of CVs are good enough to be invited through to the next stage of the assessment day.

So, yep, you’ve read that right- 97 out of every 100 CVs I read are NOT GOOD ENOUGH!



Yet, I’ve just said that nearly every CV I read, the candidate has the skills to do the job.

Surely, I’m contradicting myself?

Not at all!

The problem is that YOU are good enough to get the job.

However, your CV is NOT good enough to get the job!

 The SINGLE most useful piece of advice I can give anyone is to TAILOR your CV to what airlines are looking for.

It really isn’t enough to think to yourself- OK, I’ve got a CV from school/ college/ wherever- THAT WILL DO!

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that WON’T DO!

It’s NOT impossible and I know what will make a candidate successful.

And I’m willing to re-write your CV and tell you how to give it the “wow” factor!

So, what’s included in Cabin Crew CV Success? 

Pauline is now prepared to show you behind the curtain to reveal how to make sure your CV gets you invited to an assessment day.

So, what does Pauline do?


She will ask to see your current CV

She will ask you a range of questions to find out more about you

She will then rewrite your whole CV specifically for your dream airline

She will include a personal statement so full of keywords that the recruiter won’t believe their eyes!

She will make sure your key skills are right up the top of your CV so the recruiter keeps on reading

She will turn you into the “perfect” candidate for your dream airline



Pauline really is talented at writing CV’s.


In fact, 100% of all CV’s Pauline has written for her students have resulted in them being invited to an assessment day.


Yes, you read that correctly


Pauline has been 100% successful in getting her CV Success students an invite to an assessment day.


See what some of our students (and now  cabin crew!) have to say:

  • Robyn Washington
    Pauline wrote my CV and I am now undertaking my training to become cabin crew for Emirates here in Dubai. What more needs to be said? Pauline’s CV works, and I am proof! Don’t even think about it. It’s the best decision I ever made.
    Robyn Washington
  • Kayleigh Metcalfe
    I came across Pauline's work when I began my research into how to start with applying for Emirates cabin crew! Honestly, using Pauline’s resources is the best decision I could've made ? I didn't know where to start with my CV so with Pauline’s help, had it all revamped to suit cabin crew life! I got my final approval from Emirates yesterday and I leave for Dubai in a month! ? If you want this as bad as I did, then definitely consider this wonderful lady for support. My friends ask 'how did you do it?!' or 'you're so lucky!' but so much work has to go into it if you want it that badly and without Pauline's help, I don't know if I could have! Thanks again Pauline for all your help and support ?
    Kayleigh Metcalfe
  • Adrian Wheatland- Low
    When applying, your CV needs to be exactly what Emirates are looking for! At the open day you have a minute or two to sell yourself while the recruiter looks over your CV. Pauline explained exactly how to write the perfect CV that the recruiters are looking for. I believe that if you are confident with your CV, photos and overall appearance for the open day, you will have the confidence you need to pass the rest of the recruitment process and I recommend Pauline to ALL aspiring cabin crew who dream of work for Emirates, as she assists you in gaining that vital confidence you need! Pauline, thank you again for all your assistance! I am beyond excited to start my new career with one of the world’s leading airlines!”
    Adrian Wheatland- Low

Get Instant Access to Cabin Crew CV Success



Not currently available

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

You are paying for Pauline Park (and no one else) to personally re-write  your CV. She will use her years of experience to tailor your CV to the job you are applying for.

This could be you...

  • Sukru Gulec
    I dont know how to thank you. My CV is perfect and it got me invited to open day at Qatar. It means a lot for me. Thank you so much :)
    Sukru Gulec
  • Thobekile Chuma
    You are a star **** applied for Qatar Cabin crew on line& i Used ur cv & they are responding well , they sent 1st they said they will get back to me they still going through my cv and yesterday they sent me another message saying congratulations u have been shortlisted to attend the assessment day on the 8th tomorrow
    Thobekile Chuma
  • Luisa Boisa
    Wow, wow, wow- I’m struggling to even recognise myself in my new CV! I sound exactly like the perfect cabin crew candidate!”
    Luisa Boisa
  • Debora Leri
    cv successfully received.. I read it and WOW.. you are a REAL WORDSMITH.. you described me so well I couldn't do better.. best investment ever!!! and thanks for your compliments they give me lot of motivation
    Debora Leri

Still not sure that Cabin Crew CV Success is for you?


We get it! After all, you’ve never met us before and here we are asking for your money and our Cabin Crew CV Success could be rubbish!


Remember we guarantee 100% satisfaction.  If Pauline can't improve your CV we'll refund you straight away with no questions asked.


But we think it offers incredible value for money.

It never fails to amaze us, some of the crazy things people spend their money on to become  cabin crew.

In fact, a girl called Paola contacted Pauline for some help a few months ago. She was desperate to become cabin crew with Emirates and flew all the way from Buenos Aires in Argentina, to Madrid in Spain (yes, you did read that right!) to attend an open day.

She really hoped that the recruiters would be so impressed that she had flown over 6,000 miles to attend. They weren’t, and Luisa was on her way back to Buenos Aires with nothing to show for it (well, except for a very large credit card bill ☹)


What else do people waste money on when applying to be cabin crew? 


- Shoes! A day doesn’t go past when someone posts in the Departure Lounge asking what height of shoes you should wear or how pointy the toes should be!

-Lipstick! Oh my goodness, how many emails do we receive here at Mondrago, asking what colour lipstick they should be wearing on their open day?

-Professional photos. Wow, these cost a lot of money and you don’t need to get them done professionally. You can simply stand in front of a plain wall and save yourself loads of cash!

-Travelling to and from the open day. Most people travel (often great distances) to get to an open day and this doesn’t come cheap.

-In fact, we did a survey a while back in the Departure Lounge, our free Facebook group, and asked people how much people spent preparing for and attending an Emirates open day.

The average amount spent was a staggering $300!

And, of the 100 people surveyed, only 9 had made it to an assessment day!

So, that’s a lot of wasted cash!

What would you be better spending your money on?

Well, at the risk of sounding obvious, we are going to say our CV Review.

 It’s only $99 and you get a lot of bang for your buck!


Why do we think it’s well worth the money?


Pauline has been teaching recruitment for over 20 years, so really does know her stuff. She has been invited to an assessment day for EVERY SINGLE cabin crew job she has ever applied for and Emirates is no exception to this.

Her success rate in applying for cabin crew jobs is 100%

She intuitively understands what airline recruiters are looking for. She can take your CV and identify the skills that you have that she knows airlines are looking for. She can show you how to showcase your talents, so recruiters can’t fail to be impressed.

She knows what recruiters hate to see on CV’s, so if she sees something she knows they won’t like, she’ll tell you to get rid of it.

Her feedback is incredibly detailed AND it’s specific to your dream airline.

She will also give you all the relevant keywords and phrases for your dream airline, so you can sprinkle them liberally throughout your CV and turn yourself into an airline’s dream candidate.

If anything is missing on your CV, Pauline will be sure to tell you!

She will also give you a FREE copy of her CV guide, which includes the actual CV she used to apply to Emirates - and get an invite to an assessment day to!

Pauline working with aviation students

You’d be mad not to!

Get Instant Access to Cabin Crew CV Success



Not currently available

Remember, getting a job as cabin crew is incredibly difficult. 97% of all of those applying will be unsuccessful.


It’s a really tough process and the more prepared you are, the better.


So why not make an investment in your future?


We GUARANTEE it will be a whole lot more successful than a new red lipstick!


So, come on, what are you waiting for?


Don’t you want to be in the 3% of applicants who are successful?
Of course you do!


And you KNOW our Cabin Crew CV Success is the way to do it! 


Wondering what happened to Cameron? Well, wonder no more as she’s currently out in Dubai and has just graduated from Emirates Aviation College. Well done Cameron…



Why not buy Cabin Crew CV Success and join Cameron out in Dubai?