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♥ How to avoid the common technical problems that will ruin your interview

♥ Easy to follow examples of video interviews that allow you to learn exactly what to do

♥ The secrets of how to appear calm, confident and friendly on camera

♥ The types of questions airlines will ask on the video interview

♥ How to deliver all of the keywords that the recruiters will want to hear

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Hi, I’m Pauline and I am Co-founder and Director here at Mondrago.


Pauline Park, Co- Founder & Director Mondrago My Travel Teacher


I have been teaching cabin crew recruitment for over 20 years now and today I’d like to tell you a story…


One day last year, I was just packing up at the end of a class when there came a knock at the door.


In came Laura, a lovely girl who had long dreamed of becoming cabin crew.


Together Laura and I had been working on her application for Jet2.com, an airline based here in the UK.


Jet2.com logo
Jer2.com are a low cost airline based in the UK


Laura was really excited as she had just been told that her online application had been successful .


We both breathed a huge sigh of relief as the maths test had been hard!


However, our jubilation was short-lived as Laura had been invited to take part in a video interview  and she had come to me for advice.


Problem was, I had never even heard of a video interview before!


I told Laura that I didn’t know anything about video interviews and we asked around to find out if we could find anyone who had taken part in one- we had no luck at all!


We trawled the Internet for some advice, but we drew a blank there as well.


So, all I could do was wish Laura good luck and keep my fingers crossed!


Unfortunately, all the finger crossing in the world didn’t help as Laura wasn’t successful on the day.


She had technical issues with her webcam and her microphone which stressed her out and she was not in a good place when she started the interview. The questions were not ones she had prepared so her answers were not as detailed as they should have been and then her sister burst into the room during the interview to demand her jeans back!


Things didn't go well for Laura


 Laura was gutted as she now had a six month wait until she could re-apply to the airline.


However, I thought to myself- why don’t I apply (in my guise as my much younger self Cara!) so that I can see for myself what’s involved?


I already knew the application process (as I had helped Laura with it), so I applied, was successful and my video interview was set-up for the next month.


And, oh my goodness- it was SO much more complicated that I had imagined!


You had to run loads of tests and I got a warning that there was a problem with my browser, so I had to call Kenny (my husband and other half of Mondrago!) in to help me sort that one out!


I was only given three days to submit my video so if I hadn’t been able to sort out the technical problems I would have been screwed!


I then had to record myself answering a range of questions which was SO weird as there is no-one at the other end of the webcam!


Then I had problems when trying to upload the videos and spent the next few days worrying that Jet2.com never received them!


So, all in all it was a bit of a stressful experience and it’s no surprise that Laura didn’t get through.


And it got me thinking.


Laura and I really struggled with the process because it was so new to us. And that’s going to be the same with you as well I imagine.


And it’s just so annoying isn’t it?


You’ve put all of that time and effort into submitting your online application to then fail at the video interview as you have never encountered one before.


So, what if you could SEE the process beforehand so that you wouldn’t be overawed with it when you encountered it for real?


Cabin crew video interview
What if you could see behind the scenes of the video interview


Wouldn’t that be AMAZING?


Yep, I agree- it would!


That’s why Kenny and I put together this course on how to SMASH the video interview.


It shows you a typical video interview interface so you aren’t fazed when it comes to the real thing.


You also know what you have to test to allow the video interview to go-ahead, so you can have it all tried and tested before the real thing, so you don’t enter panic mode like I did!


We also let you see two candidates taking part in a video interview so you can see they typical questions you’ll be asked.


Is this for real?


Yep, it absolutely is and there is NOTHING on the market like it.

This is for you if

You have never done a video interview before in your life and you’d like to prepare so you know what to expect when it comes to the real thing.


You’ve done a video interview and it all went wrong! You were beset by technical problems and the whole experience was a nightmare.


You’ve applied for your dream airline and have a video interview scheduled and you need help FAST!

Look at what’s included in the Cabin Crew Video Interview Success...

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Still unsure? Then let us help


- Getting through a video interview is tough! Not only do you have to prepare thoroughly for this (it is an interview after all!) but you have all of the technical issues to deal with as well. Our course will show you what airline video interviews look like, so you aren’t freaked when you do one for real.


- Believe it or not, lighting is one of the problems encountered by applicants doing a video interview. Where should your main light source be? Should you use natural or artificial light? Oh, so many issues. But don’t worry, as we will help!


- What to wear. You can get away with your pyjamas right? Wrong- this is a professional interview for cabin crew and you need to look the part. We’ll tell you how to look your best on camera!


- Most airline video interviews ask very similar questions of their applicants. Not only do we know what these questions are, we’ll tell you how to answer them as week- win-win!


- There can be a range of timing issues with a video interview and we tell you how best to deal with this.


- It’s hard to be natural when you see (and hear!)  yourself on the screen. Don’t worry- we’ve got lots of tips and tricks to make sure you look like a pro!


- And, if your airline is a bit old school and still offers telephone interviews and not video interviews, then no worries as the course includes a session on how to smash your telephone interview as well- wow!


- Video interviews can be daunting. We know- we’ve been there! But, as we know the process well, we are able to tell you what the main pitfalls are, so you manage to avoid them! Let us make all the mistakes, so you don’t have to!


- When all’s said and done, this is an interview, so we’ll show you how to use SAR to create impressive answers and wow your recruiter. Olivia is brilliant at SAR answers so you can watch her and learn.


- And you have a chuckle at Graeme when he answers his phone mid- interview. Say, what? Graeme- you are an idiot! Having fun whilst learning, what could be better?


Oh by the way…


… are you wondering how Laura did in her video interview?


Well, Laura was the first person ever to complete our video interview course and she is now flying high with Jet2.com. Great work Laura!


Congratulation Laura!


  • Tamara Jackson
    “Loved this course. Had a video interview with Frontier and totally messed it up. Couldn’t get my webcam to connect and was being asked about my bandwith- say what? So was totally stressed before I even began! I then applied for Delta and knew they had a video interview. I found a blog about video interviews on Mondrago and it was so helpful. I got to download a free video interview checklist which I had by my side throughout my next video interview! I was really impressed with this stuff, so decided to splash out and buy Mondrago’s video course. It’s so good and Graeme’s video is hilarious- loved it when he was interrupted by the dog barking! Course was awesome and prepared me so well for my United video interview. I had all my lighting set-up properly, had tested everything and had prepared SAR answers- I was good to go! I passed my video interview, made it through the rest of the recruitment process and am now a flight attendant with Delta and lovin’ it! Helped me tons and I’m sure it will help you too”
    Tamara Jackson
  • Darren Paterson
    “Really great course. I’d failed a few video interviews and decided to get some help! What really appealed to me was the opportunity to watch video interviews taking place and they didn’t disappoint! I loved the way you got to watch a bit of the video and then you had to answer questions on how you thought the candidates had done. This made the whole process so interactive, that you don’t even realise you are learning as you go! Helped me massively and couldn’t believe it when I made it through the Virgin video interview as I’d failed three times before and was getting to the stage of almost giving up. I’m so glad I didn’t as I am now Virgin crew and I love it. It would be no exaggeration to say that this course was the thing that helped me more than anything during my recruitment journey. Honestly? Just go for it! “
    Darren Paterson