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Emirates Executive Lounge


Want to be Emirates cabin crew?

Then you need to check-in to Emirates Executive Lounge!

Why what's in there for me?

In short, EVERYTHING you would need to help you become Emirates cabin crew including:


**A 53 -page guide to the video interview so you can see what's required during this NEW section of the Emirates application process. AND we take you behind the scenes of the video interview to help you understand how Emirates assess your video interview **


**An 8 -page Emirates keywords and phrases guide so you can sprinkle them liberally through your application and really make yourself stand out from the crowd**


**A 28- page grooming guide and 26 -page photo guide, so you'll always look your best**


**A 40- page application guide so you’ll know exactly what to expect as you begin your application**


**A 24- page CV guide which includes both the CV and the covering letter I used to apply to Emirates (and remember, I have been 100% successful in applying for cabin crew jobs!)**




As our Emirates Executive Lounge is web-based EVERY TIME we add some new content to the Emirates Lounge, you will be able to access it too!


So, you can be GUARANTEED that no matter what changes we encounter with the Emirates recruitment process, you’ll be the FIRST to know!



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Qatar Executive Lounge


Want to be Qatar Airways cabin crew?

Then you need to check-in to Qatar Airways Executive Lounge!

Why what's in there for me?

In short, EVERYTHING you would need to help you become Qatar Airways cabin crew

You do know that Qatar Airways are currently "World's Best Airline" as announced at the prestigious SkyTrax awards right? 

AND, Qatar Airways is one of the very few 5 star airlines in the world? 

AND, their cabin crew salaries are one of the highest in the world? 

But here's the thing... 

Competition to become cabin crew with such a prestigious airline is FIERCE. 

It is not unusual for between 1,000 and 2,000 people to turn up at a typical Open Day so you can imagine how difficult it is to stand-out from the crowd. 

In fact, for every 100 people who apply for Qatar Airways, only 3 will be successful. 

Or, to put it another way... 

97% of applicants will fail.

Yep, 97% 

And, on an average Open Day, you will get LESS THAN ONE MINUTE with Qatar Airways recruiters. 

Let that just sink in for a moment. 

Yep, less than ONE MINUTE! 

It's not a lot of time to impress is it? 

No, it's certainly not so you need to make EVERY SECOND count. 

EVERYTHING has to be perfect

Because as you can imagine at the world's best airline, your grooming has to be immaculate. 

But that's NOT enough. 

Far from it. 

As you approach the recruiters desk, your body language must be perfect. 

The CV you handover must absolutely dazzle them 

AND, the answers to the questions they ask you must be perfect as well. 

I'm afraid absolute perfection is the only way forward here. 

Now, you may think this all sounds impossible. 

But I'm here to tell you it's not.

And the key to it all is PREPARATION. 

I run a FREE Facebook group called the Departure Lounge (and if you're not in there, please come and join us as there are loads of current cabin crew in there who'd love to help you on your cabin crew journey) 

Anyway, there are loads of people in the Departure Lounge who have travelled to many a Qatar Airways Open Day. 

They often fly to another country and then have to book hotel accommodation for 3 nights in case they are invited to an assessment day and then a final interview. 

So, it's cost them a LOT of money. 

AND, they were in and out of the Open Day in less than an hour with NOTHING to show for it but a pretty big credit card bill! 

Don't make this mistake. 

Please spend a LOT of time preparing for the Open Day 

And when I say a LOT, I mean a LOT! 

Make sure EVERYTHING is perfect...

...from the outfit you're planning to wear

... to your make-up your photos

... to your body language

... to your CV

... to preparing answers to the questions they will ask you

Before you head off to a QATAR Airways Open Day... 


And I can help you! 

I can give you access to our Qatar Airways Executive Lounge


Now why would you want access to this? 

Well because it gives you access to: 

- The CV I used to apply to Qatar Airways

- My answers to the online application questions

- Keywords and phrases for Qatar Airways

- A grooming guide to Qatar Airways (including a tattoo guide!)

- A photo guide to Qatar Airways

- A 38 page Interview Walk-through for Qatar Airways

- A 15 page Fact File on Qatar Airways

- Typical questions asked at Qatar Airways Open Day


Yep, it covers EVERYTHING you need to know to help prepare you for the Qatar Airways Open Day and beyond. 
Want to know what to wear? 
Want to know what your photos should look like? 
Want a copy of the CV AND the application answers I used to apply to successfully apply to Qatar Airways? 
Want a 38 page guide to the Qatar Airways interview process? 
Want a fact file all about Qatar Airways to help you prepare AMAZING answers to the Open Day questions? 
AND, want to see what these Open Day questions are? 
Well, look no further.

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