It’s an amazing life isn’t it?

Please let me introduce you to Olivia

Just like you, Olivia dreamed of being cabin crew with British Airways

She longed to walk through the airport, head held high, knowing others were looking on and wishing they could be her. She had many, many destinations she dreamed of visiting- New York, Sydney, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong- she could go on and on. And imagine getting the opportunity to relax on the sun-kissed beaches of the Maldives or the Seychelles. To say nothing of living in London- one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world! Olivia followed many current British Airways cabin crew on Instagram and she knew this was the job for her. But, how could she get this job?

Well, Olivia realised British Airways were open for recruitment and decided to apply


She went online and filled in the application questions and uploaded her CV. It was all remarkably straight forward, and Olivia was surprised at how easy it was. But at the end of the online application, she was asked to do an online assessment


Oh no, she hadn’t expected an online assessment


She went through the questions becoming more and more despondent as the assessment went on. The scenario- based questions were not too bad and she was pretty confident with the psychometric tests. However, she knew numeracy wasn’t her strong point, so she worried when she saw the currency conversions and the time differences questions.


She sent off her online application but didn’t feel overly confident.


But, she felt she had a good CV, she knew her work experience was relevant, so hopefully she would be invited to an assessment day.

So, she clicked on open and started to read through her email

Had Olivia been invited to an assessment day?

Dear Olivia (her email read)

Thank you so much for your recent application to become mixed fleet cabin crew with British Airways.


I’m sorry to inform you that, on this occasion, you have not been successful…

So, what went wrong for Olivia?

That’s the thing about wanting to become British Airways cabin crew…

So many others want to be one too!


Competition to be cabin crew with British Airways is fierce! In fact, 95% of applicants will be unsuccessful!

Yep, you read that right.

For every hundred applicants, 5 will be successful.

Woah- that is terrible odds isn’t it?

It sure is!

British Airways regularly have thousands of people applying for their cabin crew roles

So, you need to be able to stand-out from the crowd.

Now, you might think this is impossible.

After all, the odds are hardly in your favour.

But here’s the thing


It’s NOT impossible and we know what will make a candidate successful.

So, what could Olivia have done differently?


✓First up, Olivia should have spent considerable time learning exactly what British Airways are looking for in their cabin crew as this would have helped her tremendously in the scenario- based questions. And, believe it or not, this information is freely available on the web!

✓Once Olivia knew what British Airways were looking for, Olivia should have matched her own skills to those British Airways want. She could then use these skills to re-write her CV, focusing solely on the skills British Airways want and take out all the other stuff that is of no interest to them.


✓ Olivia should have learned more about what is involved in the online application. She would then have had a much better idea of what she would need to know in order to pass this stage of the recruitment process.

So, Olivia knew she had to do better next time but what should she do?


Like many others in the same situation, Olivia turned to Google for help! She joined a few Facebook groups but quickly realised they were full of people like herself searching for advice.


The problem was, even though others were trying to be helpful, they simply didn’t know enough to be able to help and some of the advice was downright crazy!


Feeling slightly frustrated, Olivia headed back to Google, this time looking for a cabin crew recruitment expert.


Did Olivia find a cabin crew recruitment expert?


She absolutely did! She came across Pauline Park and was impressed at her credentials. As well as having worked in the aviation industry, Pauline had a master’s degree in Tourism Studies and was a fully-qualified teacher. She has been teaching aviation and recruitment for over 20 years.


Pauline Park, Co- Founder & Director Mondrago My Travel Teacher


The more Pauline learned about travel recruitment, the more interested she became, and this quickly became her passion! In fact, over the years she has helped 1000s of her students gain employment in the travel industry.


As the online world (and her reputation!) grew she was constantly being asked to help people with cabin crew recruitment. And, no wonder as this stuff is hard!


So, she set out to apply for every cabin crew job she sees (and she still does!). Pauline would be proud to tell you that she has a 100% success rate in being invited to assessment days, but then she should be good at this stuff- it's her job!


So, to help those who would love to be cabin crew, she put together a course which covered absolutely EVERYTHING she knows about British Airways cabin crew recruitment- and it's a LOT!

How to Become British Airways cabin crew


Yep, Pauline’s course is called How to Become British Airways cabin crew and it does exactly what it says on the tin- it will teach you how to become British Airways cabin crew!


As you know, Pauline is somewhat obsessed with cabin crew recruitment. So, for her to fully understand what’s involved in the process, she applied and has now been all the way through the recruitment process.


And is now prepared to show you behind the curtains to reveal what’s involved in the whole process!


Click the video below to find out more


So what’s included in How to Become British Airways cabin crew?

♥ The CV and covering letter Pauline used to apply to British Airways – and which got her an invite to an assessment day!

♥ Pauline’s detailed guide to the online assessments, so you can fully understand exactly what British Airways are looking for and get some practice in before you apply for real!

♥ British Airways keywords and phrases so you can sprinkle them throughout your CV and stand out from the crowd!

♥ A grooming guide, to ensure you always look your best!

♥ A fact-file on the airline, so you can impress throughout the whole process!

♥ An incredibly extensive guide to your assessment day which covers EVERYTHING from beginning to end so you'll never be surprised at what's coming next!

♥ A photo guide

How to Become British Airways cabin crew includes over 100 pages of content, so you are sure to find the answers to any British Airways questions you may have

  • Georgia McDonald
    I always really struggled with BA’s online assessments and have done them three times. Failed every time! I just didn’t get what they were looking for. How to Become British Airways cabin crew helped me tremendously as it explained what British Airways were looking for. It also taught me how to do currency conversions and flight times! So next time, I got an invite to an assessment day and I am currently undertaking my BA training- go me! Seriously, this is a no-brainer! Go for it!
    Georgia McDonald
  • Luisa Sow
    I really wanted something that was very specific to British Airways. I’d bought a few cabin crew courses and they were just so generic. I needed someone to show me what went on behind the scenes at British Airways recruitment and that’s exactly what I got with How to Become British Airways cabin crew. Pauline has been through the whole process so was able to tell you exactly what to expect. Knowing this, I was able to successfully make my way through the whole process and I am now British Airways crew. If you want to put yourself ahead of everyone else applying, then I can’t recommend this course enough. Thanks Pauline, I am loving my new career!
    Luisa Sow

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This could be you...

  • Kim Fraser
    I bought How to Become British Airways cabin crew and do you what? It works as it showed me exactly how to become BA crew and I am now living the life of my dreams! No more boring 9 to 5 for me! And no more cold and wet British winters either! It’s great heading off for 4 days in the Bahamas when it’s -2 outside!
    Kim Fraser
  • Santiago Barbe
    I have been a member of Pauline’s Departure Lounge for a while. By the way, if you’re not a member, make sure you join up as I got loads of help in there! Anyway, one day I saw a post from someone in the group thanking Pauline for her How to Become British Airways cabin crew course. I wanted to become BA crew so I checked it out. Wow- am I glad I did! It took you totally behind the scenes of the recruitment process and there was so much information included it was insane! In fact, the assessment day guide actually includes PA scripts so you can practice beforehand. I admit to practising a few in the mirror before my assessment day! It paid off though as I am currently going through my training to become BA crew. Thank you so much Pauline, I couldn’t have done it without you.
    Santiago Barbe
  • Grant Harris
    When I bought the course, the thing that really stood out for me was how obvious it was that Pauline was a teacher. I bought another online course and it was so bad. It covered things like the history of cabin crew. What does that have to do with anything?? Instead, How to Become British Airways cabin crew only included information that would be relevant. It was really well-organised and written in such an accessible way. I really enjoyed the course and learned so much. I would not hesitate in recommending it to others wanting to become BA crew. Honestly, there is so much work gone into this course that you will find it covers absolutely everything you need to know- and more!
    Grant Harris
  • Helene Buosi
    One thing I noticed at the last BA assessment day that I attended (and failed ☹!) was that they ask you a lot about the airline. I have to admit that I didn’t know that much and I think that’s why I was rejected. So, for me, the big stand-out in How to Become British Airways cabin crew was the fact-file. It was absolutely stuffed with information, so I knew all about their fleet, the classes on-board, their route network, their involvement with Comic Relief- oh I could go on and on! I am embarrassed at how little I knew last time- no wonder I was rejected! I hardly demonstrated someone passionate to become BA crew! Well, I didn’t make that mistake again and here I am- now BA crew! Thanks so much Pauline for doing all the work- so I didn’t have to lol ?
    Helene Buosi

Still not sure that How to Become British Airways cabin crew is for you?

We get it! After all, you’ve never met us before and here we are asking for your money and our course could be rubbish!


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It never fails to amaze us, some of the crazy things people spend their money on to become British Airways cabin crew.



What do people waste money on when applying to British Airways?



- Shoes! A day doesn’t go past when someone posts in the Departure Lounge asking what height of shoes you should wear or how pointy the toes should be!

- Lipstick! Oh my goodness, how many emails do we receive here at Mondrago, asking what colour lipstick they should be wearing on their assessment day? Too many to mention!

- Travelling to and from the assessment days in London. Most people travel (often great distances) to get to an assessment day and this doesn’t come cheap.

- What would you be better spending your money on?

Well, at the risk of sounding obvious, we are going to say How to Become British Airways cabin crew course.

It’s only $49 and you get a lot of bang for your buck!


Why do we think it’s well worth the money?


Pauline has been teaching recruitment for over 20 years, so really does know her stuff. She has been invited to an assessment day for EVERY SINGLE cabin crew job she has ever applied for and British Airways is no exception to this.

Pauline has gone through the entire British Airways recruitment process successfully. So, she knows what the recruiters are looking for and she’s willing to share it with you.

The most common reason people are rejected from the BA online application is their poor CV. How to Become British Airways cabin crew includes an extensive CV Guide, including the ACTUAL CV Pauline used to get an invite to an assessment day. Yep, you can get your hands on her actual CV and use it to adapt your own- how good is that!

In addition, our course includes all the relevant British Airways keywords and phrases. You need to SHOW British Airways that you are their perfect candidate and by matching their requirements to your own skills and experience, you can’t help but stand out from the crowd.

One thing British Airways recruiters lament is that the lack of knowledge candidates have about the airline. Not you! By using our Fact-File (which also includes loads of photos and videos) you’ll know everything you need to “wow” them at the open day and beyond.

Once you get an invite to an assessment day, you may think you can relax as all the hard work is behind you! We’re afraid not! You’ve still got a LONG way to go, so why not use our Assessment Day guide help you prepare for the big day?

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Remember, getting a job as British Airways cabin crew is incredibly difficult. 95% of all of those applying will be unsuccessful.

It’s a really tough process and the more prepared you are, the better.

We’ve done all the hard work for you, so why not make an investment in your future?

We GUARANTEE it will be a whole lot more successful than a new red lipstick!

So, come on, what are you waiting for?

Don’t you want to be in the 5% of applicants who are successful?

Of course you do!

And you KNOW How to Become British Airways cabin crew is the way to do it!

Wondering what happened to Olivia? Well, wonder no more…




  • Hardev Ahmed
    I was a bit worried about buying How to Become British Airways cabin crew. I was pretty nervous typing in my credit card number. I needn’t have been! How to Become British Airways cabin crew was so much more than I’d imagined. Pauline has managed to include absolutely everything you need to know. It’s a bit overwhelming at first, just how much you need to know, but if you take it step-by-step then you’ll be fine. Well, that’s what I did and here I am, having just passed my training. And I thought the recruitment stage was difficult lol
    Hardev Ahmed

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