Congratulations, you've got to the assessment day and you are well on your way to becoming cabin crew... you need to prepare 

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 You have been invited to an assessment day and you want to do everything you can to be successful.



You know getting through an assessment day is going to be tough so you know you need to prepare well to stand out from the others



You would love to actually see what goes on during an assessment day rather than simply reading about it.



You would LOVE to get to hear what airline recruiters really think of the candidates and why they make the decisions they do

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You’ve done so well to get to this stage and you should feel very proud of yourself. Unfortunately though, you still have a long way to go before you get those cabin crew wings!


Airlines like what they have seen of you so far and want to find out lots more about you during the assessment day.This is your chance to shine. But it will be so much easier to shine if you know exactly what these airlines are looking for.


These assessment days have been very well-thought through and are set-up specifically to put you under pressure and make sure you have the requisite skills they are looking for.


Problem is, they are looking for a LOT of skills!They need to know you are friendly and personable. They are looking for people who can take charge during an emergency situation. But you also need to be able to sell! To do this you need good maths skills.


As the international language of aviation is English, you need to be fluent in this as well! They need to see that you have good conflict management skills and can remain calm under pressure.


All of this, whilst being impeccable well-groomed! Woah, it’s a big ask and you can be sure your assessment day will be set-up to ensure each and every one of these skills will be tested.But we’ve got your back! We know exactly what these airlines are looking for and we know the ways they will test you. We’ve put everything we have learned into this course to make sure you are successful at your assessment day.


Even better, many of the sessions include videos showing you what happens at an assessment day, so you get to watch it taking place, alongside us explaining why airlines use these techniques AND what they want to see from you. What could be better?


Remember, Kenny and I have both been teaching for over 20 years. We really do know our stuff and we would love to share all of our recruitment knowledge with you.

  • Robyn Washington
    Brilliant course. I’d failed the last two assessment days I’d attended and was struggling to understand why as airlines don’t give you any feedback at all. After completing this course, I completely understood why. My behavior at the group stage was all wrong! I had tried to take-over at the group stage as I had been told that the best thing to do was to show the airline that you were very assertive and could take control of any situation. Turns out this was BAD advice and I now understand why! Guess what? I used this course, learned loads and was successful at my last British Airways assessment day! I now have my wings and am loving my new job. If I hadn’t bought this course I totally believe that I would still be attending assessment days dominating group activities trying to be “assertive” and failing miserably in my mission to become cabin crew! So, thanks Pauline and Kenny for your wonderful course!
    Robyn Washington
  • Kayleigh Metcalfe
    For me, my single biggest struggle was getting through the maths tests. Man, they were difficult! I’d always struggled with maths at school and couldn’t believe maths tests were now standing between me and my dream of becoming cabin crew! What I loved about the course was how much help there was for improving your maths. You got the chance to take part in an airline maths test in which I scored an embarrassing 37%! The next session basically taught you all of the maths that you needed to become cabin crew. I found this far more interesting than any maths I had ever done in school as all of the examples were so relevant to the role of cabin crew- like loads of examples came from in-flight magazines- or from things I am interested in, like shoes and lipsticks! Now, when I see a 20% offer on at Beauty Bay, straightaway I can work out how much I am saving lol! Anyway, after completing this session- and the following session which shows you how to calculate the answers in the first maths test, I sat the second maths test. And scored 91%!!!! Couldn’t believe it! I am now cabin crew for EasyJet and know it would never have happened without this course. So, my advice? Go for it!
    Kayleigh Metcalfe