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Does Any of This Sound Familiar


You dream of being cabin crew but don't really know where to start


You're worried about the competition and know it can be really difficult to land the job


You need help with your cv, covering letter, online application and video interview


You need some advice about how to stand out on the selection days


You need to make sure you can score enough on the airline literacy and numeracy tests


You don't have a lot of money to spend getting help

If it does, then you already know what a minefield it can be trying to get quality advice & support.  


You are caught between relying on people in forums (who often don't know what they are talking about) or buying training that costs up to $500 :-(



New2Crew AcademyThat's Why I Created New2Crew Academy

I was fed up hearing about good people who would make great cabin crew not getting their dream job because:


big_picture_sales_arrowThey didn't understand the recruitment process


big_picture_sales_arrowTheir CV was not good enough


big_picture_sales_arrowTheir social media profile was putting the airline off


big_picture_sales_arrowThey didn't know how to deal with applicant tracking systems


big_picture_sales_arrowThey failed at the video interview


big_picture_sales_arrowThey couldn't do the numeracy, literacy and psychometric tests


big_picture_sales_arrowThey weren't good at interviews or making presentations


big_picture_sales_arrowThey couldn't afford expensive cabin crew recruitment programs


Thankfully, all of that is behind you...

New2Crew Academy is the World's First Cabin Crew Membership Website. It Is Your Essential, Affordable Resource For The Training, Advice, and Support you need to Get A Cabin Crew Job.

New2Crew Academy

Being part of New2Crew Academy enables you to:

Access over 40 world class training courses that cover every element of the recruitment process

Access to all of our Online Executive Lounges including Emirates, Qatar and British Airways

big_picture_sales_arrowSave over $60 by producing your own professional quality photographs that will be accepted by all major airlines

big_picture_sales_arrowCheck your C.V. (resume) to ensure that it not automatically rejected by airline applicant tracking systems  

big_picture_sales_arrowLearn exactly how to stand out on video interviews.  More and more airlines (including Emirates) are now using video interviews

big_picture_sales_arrowAccess webinars which cover the application process for all of the major airlines

big_picture_sales_arrowGet private support through a members only Facebook  


and much much more.. 

  • Purneet Kainth
    I came across New2Crew Academy on YouTube and I was so happy to have found such a wonderful channel dedicated to making sure people like me achieve our dream of becoming cabin crew. From the YouTube channel I found the Facebook page and website and shortly after joined the wonderful New2Crew Academy. Each of the platforms provided detailed information about the role of cabin crew, how to prepare for open days and so much more. I would not have been able to land the myself the cabin crew job without all the help provided by New2Crew Academy - thank you so much. Purneet Kainth, Scotland
    Purneet Kainth
  • Alice Smith, UK
    "LOVE this! I would definitely sign up if you want to be cabin crew, so many helpful questions and videos that you can pick from for several airlines; you receive daily emails and get a quick response if you send an email to them." - Alice Smith, UK
    Alice Smith, UK

Here's a summary of what you get from  New2Crew Academy:

big_picture_sales_arrowUntitled design (25)

Cabin Crew Recruitment Roadmap

Use our unique step-by-step Cabin Crew Recruitment Roadmap to guide you through everything that you need to do whether you're at the cv/covering letter , online application, video interview or selection day stage of your cabin crew application.  Keep track of your progress and avoid overwhelm by always knowing what you should be focusing on.

  • Access to over 40 world class, fully interactive online courses

    Our courses cover every stage of the cabin crew application process. We'll guide you through the online application, prepare you for the video interview then make sure you dazzle on the selection day. Our courses provide you with personalised feedback which is guaranteed to improve your performance

  • Access to a CV Parser

    Airlines use software (called a CV parser) to automatically reject over 90% of all applications. Why take a chance? Our parser will check that your CV is formatted correctly before you apply to the airline

  • Access to World Class Webinars

    We run webinars which cover the application process for specific airlines as well as every possible topic you could need to help you get a cabin crew job. Learn from the experts.

  • Access to our Executive Lounges

    Get the super specific resources that you need for to land that job with your dream airline

  • Learn How To Impress on the Video Interview

    The video interview is "The new kid on the block" and more and more airlines (including Emirates) are using video interviews as part of the interview process. We'll give you professional media training that will show you exactly how to make sure you pass the video interview

  • Access to Actual Airline English, Maths, Pyschometric and Situation Analysis Tests

    If you don't know what some of these things are then don't worry we've got your back. Nobody will prepare you better for the tests that airlines use online and during selection days

  • Access to a Private Members Only Facebook Group

    You'll get access to a cabin crew recruitment expert that will be in the group 5 days per week. They will be able to help and support you, help keep you on track and of course be there for you when you need advice

  •  - Rhys Somerville, Cabin Crew with British Airways,
    “I would not have passed the assessment process without the invaluable help Pauline at New2Crew Academy provided. Pauline has helped me all the way through the process of applying for cabin crew at British Airways. I have had so much advice from the very beginning and all the way to the end, resulting in securing my dream job with BA. Pauline had all the information I needed right there. It made the whole process a lot calmer as I felt prepared and ready for what was to come. A lot of people went in blind and didn’t make it past the first hurdle but with the help of Pauline I’ve managed to get the job. Thanks for all the help!” - Rhys Somerville, Cabin Crew with British Airways,
    - Rhys Somerville, Cabin Crew with British Airways,
  • Germán Merino, Spain
    "I found about New2Crew Academy while desperately trying to find some help and resources and, without any doubt, I have found the right place. You will received the most exclusive help and material that can't be found elsewhere. Pauline will be there to help you and guide you through this process and always with a smile. Don't hesitate and join!" - Germán Merino, Spain
    Germán Merino, Spain

Take a Look Inside New2Crew Academy...

New2Crew Academy


The Academy is full of in-depth, practical resources on all areas of cabin crew recruitment.  It's a one-stop-shop that includes absolutely everything you need to get the job..

New2Crew Academy

Courses on a wide range of essential skills, strategies and techniques to make your cabin crew application a success, including:

  • How to write the perfect CV and covering letter
  • Techniques for making social media profile irresistable to airlines
  • Strategies for dazzling on telephone and video interviews
  • How to pass airline Maths, English and Psychometric tests
  • How to stand out during group interviews
  • How to deliver killer presentations on the selection days
  • How to answer even the most difficult interview questions

Don't take a chance online - we are the only UK based government approved training provider offering these types of courses.  

Click below if you'd like to see our complete course library

Show Me The Course Library

New2Crew Academy Also Gives You Access to All of Our "How To Become" guides

Look at our what our courses can do for you 


  • Carlos Lima, Brazil
    "I also have to say that New2Crew Academy allowed me to get to know other people from every single corner of the world and with this contact with them I could develop a friendship with one of the group members. This is amazing, because above all this group is here not only to share important information about the aviation world but also to teach us a little bit about life too. Thanks a lot New2Crew Academy, The Departure Lounge and Pauline Park!!!" - Carlos Lima, Brazil
    Carlos Lima, Brazil
  • Robyn Washington, United Kingdom
    I am extremely happy to have found New2Crew Academy. A few months ago, I was googling everything possible in order for me to land my dream job as cabin crew for Emirates. I was still so unsure about a few aspects of the process, but that changed when I found Mondrago. The software used is amazing and the communication is very clear. It is easy to understand as it takes you through a step by step process. There are tips on how to pass your telephone/video interviews, assessment days, final interviews and of course how to write that impeccable CV! And lots lots more. The service provided is exceptional. Pauline and her team’s attention to detail is great and they will go the extra mile to help and advise you! I recommended it to someone and they are now a member of the New2Crew Academy too. I am now Emirates cabin crew so my dream has come true! Highly recommended - Robyn Washington, United Kingdom
    Robyn Washington, United Kingdom

Get Instant Access to the Academy!

If you're really serious about getting a cabin crew job don't leave anything to chance.


New2Crew Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

So, you have questions? Let us try to answer them for you...

1. Once you sign-up, how long do you have to stay a member for?

Well, that's totally up to you! You're not committed at all! So, you may be at the start of your cabin crew journey, so you need tons of help and decide to sign up for our annual membership

2. What does New2Crew Academy cover?

Well, pretty much everything! We created New2Crew Academy after asking thousands of people just like you what help they needed to become cabin crew.

  • That's why there's a monthly webinar where I take a member's CV and rewrite it... and ANY member can submit their CV to us!
  • That's why we hold monthly LIVE Facebook Q and A's in our PRIVATE Facebook group where you can get up close and personal with recruitment specialists!
  • That's why our Academy includes an ATS so you can make sure your CV won't get tripped up by these computerised CV readers when you apply for real.
  • That's why we include LOADS of Maths and English tests so you can loads of practice in before the big day!
  • That's why we include videos of a whole Assessment Day so you get to see behind the scenes and get to see what airline recruiters are saying about the candidates!
  • That's why it includes a course on smashing the video interview- the new kid on the block of airline recruitment.
  • That's why there are over 40 courses to help you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. We didn't want to just tell you about an Assessment Day though, we decided to SHOW you instead.
  • That's why New2Crew Academy is stuffed full of videos SHOWING you an assessment day in action (and you get a wee peek behind the scenes to hear what the recruiters think of the candidates).So, not only will you get to see some really GOOD candidates and you can use them to get some great tips from, you'll also see some really BAD candidates, so you know the mistakes to avoid on your Assessment Day- good huh?

3. Is New2Crew Academy All Online?

Yes and this means you can enrol from any location in the world.  As long as you have internet access you will be able to access all of the resources included in the academy

4. So, is New2Crew Academy just a course and a Facebook group?

No, not at all- there's a whole lot more!

Every month, I will do a webinar where I will take a member's CV and rewrite it for them. This webinar will be recorded and made available to all members.

In it, I will explain EXACTLY why I'm changing parts of the CV, so you get to follow the process and hopefully develop your own understanding of a good CV.

Also, you can put YOUR CV forward for inclusion as well, so you may have a starring role in a webinar one day!

5. Will you update New2Crew Academy?


The one thing we can guarantee is that airline recruitment will NEVER stand still!

So, I promise to keep applying for all of the cabin crew jobs I see AND if I see any changes at all, you'll be the first to know!

In fact, all of our great new products, such as our Executive Lounges, came from listening to our members who told us they needed SPECIFIC advice.

So, we gave them it!

6. Will I be able to get in touch with others trying to become cabin crew as well?

Of course you will!

Members of New2Crew Academy will have access to their very own Facebook group- The VIP Lounge.

Because it is much smaller than the Departure Lounge, we'll be able to offer you a much more personalised service and as there are fewer of us, we'll be able to get to know each other better!

More than anything else, we want New2Crew Academy to be a community, where we call come together for the common good- which is to get you the cabin crew job of your dreams.

7. What's our refund policy?

Well, if you take our annual membership, you have 7 days to check it out.

If you decide it's not for you, then no worries- we'll refund your money in full.

If you take a monthly subscription, then you can cancel at anytime at all and you won't be charged again.

8. Why is the monthly cost so cheap for New2Crew Academy?

I have been a lecturer for over 20 years and I know from experience that young people like you don't have a lot of money!

I see cabin crew courses out there on the web selling for $500 upwards and I think- good luck with that!

So we created a monthly membership site at a cost which we think will put a smile on your face!

9. Has anyone who joined New2Crew Academy been successful in getting a job as cabin crew?

Since opening 6 months ago, we have members now flying with British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Qatar, Air New Zealand, WizzAir, EasyJet, Avianca and in the last few weeks, we have had a few members getting their golden call from Emirates!

Get Instant Access to the Academy!

If you're really serious about getting a cabin crew job don't leave anything to chance and sign up below.

  • MzzMaree Elorm Adorko, Ghana
    When I realized I had a passion to become Cabin crew I began to look for the way forward and interestingly I came across Miss PaulinePark (such an amazing lady) and this awesome initiative - New2Crew Academy. I was naive and clueless about the cabin crew job, but that's in the past all thanks to New2Crew Academy. I admire the hard work and success they harness in their students. I'm satisfied with the information I have at my disposal as I make plans to join the skies soon. I gladly recommend New2Crew to all who want to become cabin crew, I wouldn't hesitate at all because New2Crew Academy is one in a Trillion - MzzMaree Elorm Adorko, Ghana
    MzzMaree Elorm Adorko, Ghana
  • Helena Biela, Brazil
    I am having an amazing experience and help with New2Crew Academy! People who have the same dream of becoming cabin crew sharing their thoughts and tips. Great help from a professional like Pauline is always welcome! 5 stars all the way- Helena Biela, Brazil
    Helena Biela, Brazil

A little bit about Pauline..

Pauline Park, Director & Co-Founder of New2Crew Academy

Pauline has an MSc in Tourism Studies from the University of Strathclyde as well as a Postgraduate Degree in Teaching so it's fair to say she knows her stuff AND knows how to teach! She also has over 20 years experience in Travel and Tourism education. Her company - Mondrago My Travel Teacher are a Government Approved provider of training resources for colleges teaching Aviation, Travel and Tourism across the U.K and Europe.

7 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee


When you join New2Crew Academy on annual membership, you are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't feel like you've received value and you decide you want to cancel any time within the next 7 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund. No hassles, headaches or hoops to jump through.

"We're so confident that you'll find the New2Crew Academy useful that you have 7 days to change your mind. We won't make you beg or invoke any silly rules or conditions - if you're not satisfied within your first 7 days then we'll refund you without any fuss."

Can I Afford It?

Just to put this into perspective: you can get everything you need to get a cabin crew job using this community for less than the cost of….


Those new shoes you were thinking of buying.  Looking great for the interview is important so if you're happy to invest in your appearance then why not invest in some world class training ?





Your Starbucks bill! If you buy just 2 Starbucks Coffees per week then you are spending more than New2Crew Academy will cost you.  Are you seriously prepared to risk not getting your dream job for the sake of a cup of coffee!





The $100's or even $1000's of dollars it could cost to travel to an airline open day to simply hand over your CV. 

Why would you not pay a few dollars more to make sure that you understand what is going on and how to stand out from the crowd??



New2Crew Academy Offers Unbelievable Value at just $9.99 - Just look At What You'll Be Saving.

- Unlimited access to over 40 world class online courses - $149

Unlimited access to all of our Executive Lounges - $297

- 2 Monthly Webinars that cover everything you'll need to land the job - $189

- Access to Pauline via a premium Facebook support group - $249

- Access to a CV Parser - $99

- Learn how to produce your own CV photos - up to $99

Total = $1082

You can get access to all of the above for just $9.99 per month or  save 2 months take an annual membership at just $99



You can choose to spend that money into the same old, same old, and get the same old, same, old results… OR you can choose to invest that money into your career, happiness, future, freedom… and start living the dream.


Hi, I'm Pauline

"I have have now been teaching Travel and Tourism for over 20 years now (wait, what?- how did that happen?!). Anyway, my absolute favourite part of the job is helping my students gain employment in the travel industry. After all, that's why they're on the course isn't it and nothing gives me more pride then seeing them in their new shiny uniforms!

I have now helped many, many students gain employment as cabin crew, airport ground staff, overseas holiday reps and travel agents and I am really proud of each and every one of them."